J O S H   R O S E N presents JOGA the premiere Mobile Media Advertising outlet. JOGA specializes in advertising, marketing, and branding our client's business through different campaigns.

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New York, NY

tel: 646 535 JOGA email: josh@jogaads.com

about us:
JOGA is an advertising agency focusing on outdoor ad space. JOGA is committed to going the extra mile. We think outside normality to advertise your business. We are idea rich and will innovate your products marketing.


why joga advertising agency?
Specialists in reaching your target market
Innovators in design & marketing
Dedicated agents for your bottom line

street team /guerrilla marketing 

target the consumer in high traffic areas of nyc
product sampling 
create a unique brand experience
per day



Superior coverage on ave. of shopping districts
Be seen on several different NYC streets & ave’s
Captivate pedestrians, motorists & passengers
Stand out to extend your brand
Showing 10 buses reach 69.4%
Frequency 3.9x
Impressions 5.2m
per 4 weeks



bus stops

Highly visible at intersections
Big, Bold, Illuminated at night
Clear view without cars blocking advertisement
per 4 weeks





phone kiosks

Broad footprint at street walking level
Reach new yorkers where they live, work, shop
Pinpoint target areas to advertise
per 4 weeks




mobile bike ads (green advertising)

Unique & bold statement
Environment responsible
No burning of fuels, no emission
Lower travel speed, longer visual impact
Product sampling
Travels on streets and sidewalks
Brands bring there message closer to crowds
4 hour min






service trucks

High exposure above cars and traffic
GPS verification
Stand out wrap displays
Dedicated routes
per 4 weeks






Outdoor Advertising Magazine said that Outdoor media billboards have a 97% call rate
96% of survey respondents thought mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor

3M and the ATA noted 91% of the target noticed the text and graphics on mobile billboards

Traffic Audit Bureau noted that on local routes monthly impressions ranged from 1 to 4 millions hits

 Product Acceptance and Research said 94% of respondents recalled seeing the Mobile Billboard, with
 80% recalling the specific advertisement; the billboards resulted in a sales increase of 107%
 8/10 americans walk over 6 miles in a week with the most affluent consumers walking the most
 8.2 million residents, nyc has the highest population density